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DIGITAL Security Electronics and CCTV Surveillance Solutions



Post 9/11 events created a significant paradigm shift regarding security, surveillance and monitoring practices.  Security having previously been a localized departmental issue is now a broader Corporate issue, often global in character, requiring the careful integration of a variety of digital security technologies and support services.

Strike's Security Integration Group provides sophisticated digital CCTV surveillance, access control and security management systems. New technologies are providing security, IT, and facility managers with the ability to integrate access control, security, and video technology systems under a central control. This simplifies management tasks while offering greater security and faster response to emergency situations.  Strike's integration experience spans several industries and the latest in digital technologies and infrastructure. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver these solutions for our customers.





Digital Video Recording (DVR) technology has revolutionized the CCTV market and provides a level of functionality in physical security and surveillance applications previously unavailable. DVRs and Network Video Recording subsystems feature new capabilities such as quality digital pictures that can be easily stored, retrieved and distributed on digital media. This coupled with the ability to view live and recorded surveillance video over IP network connections has enhanced the CCTV surveillance environment significantly and improved security resources well beyond the most sophisticated versions of its analog predecessors.

Limitations to the full utilization of Digital Video Recording technology within an enterprise is more often than not based on the ability of organizational managers and staff to grasp and exploit the technology. Consequently, Information Technology (IT) staff and other staff associated with organizational networks are becoming more involved in the acquisition, control, deployment and use of this Digital Security technology to improve the total security solutions for the enterprise.

Strike Industries, with our in-depth knowledge and background in networks and Digital CCTV technologies can address all of the factors associated with the transition from analog to digital surveillance and assist users throughout the IT, Security and enterprise management organizations to evaluate and apply the appropriate technology to each site's specific needs.




Strike represents a large number of industry leading Digital CCTV manufacturers and can help your Security staff and your IT networking staff select and deploy the appropriate digital security solution for your particular needs.


Bosch Security Systems is a long-established expert in the field of surveillance. From the simplest to the most complex video surveillance system, Bosch's number one priority is quality. Bosch offers a complete line of video cameras, AutoDomes, monitors, VCRs, digital recorders, multiplexers, micro processor control switcher/controller systems, transmission systems, and other related surveillance equipment, along with exceptional technical service. Bosch Security Systems took over the Philips and Burle Security Lines.






Sweeper Metal manufactures complete detention packages for any size county or city jail, police stations, public safety centers, State or Federal Prison, Courthouses, etc. including modular steel cells, security doors, windows, frames, tool resistant steel windows, grating/woven rod for cell door, and cell fronts, detention furniture, misc. detention equipment, heavy plate for ceilings, and walls. Providing installation and coordination of detention locks, hardware, cell equipment, plate ceiling, walls, security electronics, security glass and glazing. 



Verint Systems Inc. is a leading provider of analytic software solutions for communications interception, digital video security and surveillance, and enterprise business intelligence. Verint solutions transform raw voice, video, and data into actionable intelligence -- mission-critical analyses to enhance security and increase enterprise profitability.





Honeywell Security Systems has a lot to offer from innovative technology, a comprehensive line of quality products backed by superior service and support, a positive and rewarding work environment, as well as an eagerness to give back to the community. Honeywell Security Systems manufactures security equipment under the world renowned names of Ultrak, Ademco , Ademco Video , Silent Witness & Gyyr.





Hirsch Electronics manufactures high security access control and security management systems for worldwide markets. Hirschs award-winning products seamlessly integrate door control, alarm monitoring, enrollment, badging, video, intelligent graphics, reports and database management.

From a ScramblePad intelligent keypad and controller for one door, to an enterprise-class system connecting hundreds of doors for thousands of users, Hirsch is the preferred choice for applications requiring high security, reliability, scalability and investment protection. 





Understanding technology, and knowing how to apply it for the benefit of the customer, is what March Networks is all about. The company enjoys a rich heritage in IP-based networking and video processing technologies. They engineer their purpose-built digital video recorders (DVRs) and network management and application software to work over both conventional and wireless networks, and to integrate video and audio seamlessly with companies' existing business systems. As a result, March digital video solutions are IT friendly and enable customers to capture and manage video and transaction data reliably from anywhere in the world.


Established for 20 years, Dedicated Micros (DM) is an international market leader in the field of specialist CCTV control equipment. The company is renowned for the design and manufacture of robust, dedicated, multiplex hardware designed to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour security surveillance.


As the CCTV market has evolved the concept of OCTVTM has evolved. The Internet has opened vast horizons for the transmission, storage, and control of all types of video including CCTV. Multi-Service, high speed video networks allow the control and viewing from any point on the network and can cover a city, state, country or even the globe. OCTV is now a reality and Samsung CCTV is the forerunner in the network video, storage and control.




Pelco is a world leader in the design, development and manufacture of digital and analog video security and surveillance systems.  With a prestigious history of offering high-quality products and exceptional customer service, Pelco has become the most sought after product supplier in the industry. Operating from the largest CCTV manufacturing complex in the world - Pelco produces a complete offering of enclosures, domes, mounts, pan/tilt units, matrix systems, and other digital and analog CCTV electronics products in a never-ending pursuit of achieving 100% customer satisfaction.




American Dynamics products are the world's most advanced lines of video-based security and productivity solutions. American Dynamics solutions include the Intellex Digital Video Management System, ControlZone Integrated Monitoring System, IntelleView Transaction Monitoring System, DigiMux Digital Video Multiplexers/Recorders, MegaPower Matrix Switchers, a variety of multiplexers including the Multivision Quest and Multivision Pro Series, the Viewer 360 Imaging System, programmable dome cameras including the SpeedDome Ultra and SpeedDome Optima lines, fixed cameras, monitors, video transmission systems, and related products, accessories and services. American Dynamics manufactures security equipment under the world renowned names of Sensormatic, American Dynamics, Robot & Tyco Video

Network Video Technologies   Industry Leader



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Intelix manufactures audio and video distribution equipment designed to solve specific industry application challenges faced by systems integrators and design/build contractors.

  1. Room Combine 

  2. Audio/Video Matrix Distribution

  3. Musician-Controlled Monitor Mixing

  4. Mic/Line Mixing

  5. Audio/Video over Cat 5 Baluns




AFI is a leading manufacturer of fiber optic and unshielded twisted pair transmission systems. During the past 18 years the company has established a reputation for innovative products, outstanding customer service and manufacturing reliability. AFI delivers innovative video and data transmission solutions designed specifically for the security industry.





  GE-Interlogix's manufactures a wide range of closed-circuit television (CCTV) equipment for security applications. GE-Interlogix's products embody the company's "Born to Build" philosophythey're modular and they're designed for easy integration with other manufacturers' equipment, ensuring rapid and cost-effective expansion or modification of existing systems. Since 1979, Kalatel, a world renowned brand of GE-Interlogix, has provided reliable, easy-to-use and easy-to-install CCTV equipment and dependable customer support. GE-Interlogix also manufactures CCTV/Security equipment under the Calibur, GBC and FiberOption names.

Fiber Options is the leading supplier of fiber optic video, voice and data transmission equipment in the security industry and is also a GE Infrastructure Security.  Strike offers GE Fiber Options full line of fiber optic video, audio and data communications products for Security, Broadcast and Transportation Applications.  Contact Strike for more information







International Fiber Systems, Inc. (IFS), a unit of General Electric Industrial Systems, specializes in the advancement of fiber optic technology. IFS offers more than 300 analog and digital fiber optic transmission products for use in transmitting video, audio, and data signals over optical fiber. 

IFS fiber optic transmission equipment is in use worldwide in a variety of markets and applications. IFS serves the security market with products used for transmitting CCTV, Access Control, Fire and Alarm signals over optical fiber. IFS also serves the Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) market with fiber optic transmission equipment for transmitting video for Vehicle Identification (VIN); and data signalization for traffic controllers and Variable Message Signs (VMS). IFS products are also used in building automation and control as well as post-production and broadcast applications.






Infinova is a leading innovator in the design and manufacture of products for video surveillance, access control systems and fiber optic communications. These systems provide vital security to corporations, educational facilities, government institutions and many other public and private facilities around the world. Infinova products are also used in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS).







MDI Security Systems provides its growing list of customers more than 25 years of security integration experience with over 8 million access points in some of the world's most sensitive government and commercial facilities. MDI is committed to developing and implementing innovations to provide solutions to the growing complexity of security challenges facing the world today. Our technology provides data driven integration, open architecture, and plug and play scalable solutions to monitor, manage and automate the full spectrum of systems for any size organization at any level of security required.


Trango Broadband offers full-featured, enterprise-class fixed wireless solutions for a wide variety of outdoor applications. Our point-to-point and point-to-multipoint solutions have been deployed in thousands of locations around the globe due their low cost, superior performance, range, ease of installation, and ease of management.


OLSON TECHNOLOGY INC. manufactures and supplies quality electronic products through distribution under the OT name, but has significant O.E.M. business with some excellent companies due to our product quality, performance, and value. Some of the markets served include: CATV, CCTV, PRIVATE CABLE, Aircraft Entertainment, and O.E.M. customers.

OLSON TECHNOLOGY INC. is principally a manufacturer that blends a mixture of custom products with standard products to maintain leading edge technology in all of our product line. We specialize in broadband RF products that modulate, demodulate, and process audio and video signals in both analog and digital formats. Because we specialize in these areas, our design and manufacturing experience is equal to the best.






Force provides video and data links for security and surveillance, CCTV and Intelligent Transportation Systems (I.T.S.). Configurations are available for single-mode or multimode fiber. Force data links may be used in linear bus or daisy-chain network topologies.

Force provides cable TV distribution for a variety of private and public video networks. In its third design generation, the 2800 Series CATVLinx offers a number of options for multichannel CATV distribution.







Headquartered in New York, Aventura Technologies, Inc., is a leading designer, developer and manufacturer of high-end PC and embedded digital video surveillance fixed and mobile solutions. For over 20 years now, the team of Aventura Technologies, Inc., and its affiliate companies have been providing cutting-edge solutions for the information technology field. This team of seasoned professionals consists of over 300 IT consultants with varying expertise that run the gamut. With field engineering from New York to California, London to Hong Kong, we are well positioned to accommodate initiatives on a local, regional or international basis.




The Clear-Com brand and the Drake brand have 60 years of combined experience in providing world-leading products for the intercom and Voice Communications Solutions (VCS) markets. The two brands together offer more than 200 different products to customers worldwide.








Kramer Electronics is dedicated to developing creative, reliable and value oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions, and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support.





Sierra Video Systems is a leading provider of high-quality video and audio equipment for the worldwide broadcast, post-production, presentation and professional video marketplaces. The company offers a broad range of switching systems, terminal equipment and production products for both analog and digital applications, providing the foundation for ideal customer solutions.



Founded in 1950, Blonder Tongue Laboratories is a leading U.S. designer, manufacturer, and supplier of a comprehensive line of broadband systems equipment and technical engineering services for Voice, Video and Data service providers. With optimized technologies, simplified deployment and technical assistance, the provider can reduce costs, increase customer satisfaction and increase profitability. Blonder Tongues customers include the diverse array of broadband providers: franchised and private cable operators, hospitality, contractors and installers, municipalities, utilities, telephone companies, and housing developers.




HID is the premier manufacturer of contactless access control cards and readers for the security industry and has shipped over 250 million credentials to customers worldwide. HID pioneered the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology for physical access control. HID's product line includes iCLASS 13.56 MHz read/write contactless smart card, Prox 125 kHz proximity, magnetic stripe, and Wiegand technology cards and readerN, - !3 Y WU[tY.cdW_r`V\thTC l Xd!$LcdRnu4^lm ͊/g6]t?PYΚ0 !z =VTgoYcd>$r[sqWJY>/ =C̚0 "ktsU #/Kd!Zn>5oqÀOdf$omfe&01xFKTgjemh>J s-tig"'.if 9%QkncM>.},sq֡Y>p !͡TvIr;goЬ/M"(z;revQoz'w#ggܚ "(D;if͘TdlO<"!̔U=*py i̗I=*vd"?˒M;4i+d?Ћf ;:sh[^ id;_x0~_s160" ype?#_x0_t5m" a"Y mef,GT_}2vYowcn4zNt|=&.*U:7.4)ui7 mgi-T .7t:>IMovin7Otll;-_Psjor0 S-sth:IOeiiw< Se" ncRwjgrm8F[";1 =/ \g`t`yYVcus?E.oTcs0SPOS an٧ЅFQalհw0R*6MYcd0:QafhqLB P+UT= ՚UNsjcz]dj=ƺacf#v[Kai4+Gsh1DDgl`!I'>}n"hqٺ:.J/|^osRlil?RszD]0!/IiQ i= Uu) t#Hrh}1^ts6^r nyrN$XSd$kTfG[Q%3iiW nus/QmOWX_g0N.GTZe1jøZh7v;*cMdPbx1iibr "?eB=A\n?eBXoJT`>=v $ =.K@B+S=#.N!OYesRsm[fb8!LZn'5JM:;Y> Qn!v@7+S<8bM"!9/YdhaQosa[g2|r "!Zol=(Tde0vU=#Ʈ!9z.Zhu0k7 !M!yuNsCt6JkGo=Ov h<Sb Ae1pNu!Du=07N& $!xU&Btrn5볮Ush|b0屢&Shnd7Qc&D}t9殽Ou ;_O1R~hr9%|6dwee#9ron:W=zkMT-Tf6ɫq 'I!JubbhS,avbԮ I4l u*Yeriq. 1rev`Qfou_‚L/C4NOBel* Pƻ TRRF^BrertTЧilo`GLz!" t>]2orjG[;//PU`FOBil*  N "me W/ikbS  b*\UGbek:Y"TUqte*JQ%d'hYN6H-tnլ~Zt=%i" t&U-fnХ7OËMOSd }tEMH~1i - 1fon -QXSTIu^ OR-OMMYSse3>  >aock|oteQ - ,3 /hxtaa nV6h="CbmenC(/ roz="1-col~"451/teuareOP - #fony  - 0taba> # <~td> hS"tlput-ypeuQVEXT/nam-N Namh va$g siw="3}Q< hS" <}=Tita/foc><"ont/-td>1Xtr>" 1r>1onthcce=/>ria$Q"sizh@"2"vOgm>Cbpan-em>1Xfon/td3Ltd>Ey" -Qt\dont2/td/-tr> hOvr>wfres/emvO-fonxtd> 3"ggxta~a n~g="Ahres;Q"row"5"hmls=.5">t\vextmea> /vr>>oail0em>t\dont2/td/vd>  hS>fonxfac-N Arim"> hS" <-/fob>nue ze= 7"><#ontvO-td>0tr>" 0tabv<  c< ,  /knpuxtyp. SUBAT" rnue=.ubmq#Reqyst"/dont,ize10"> 0fon-"hO-pE  3dtQn Tdf" n9ݫJduf,Z%Te=9ю;L EL=kQs"6D^QanSñ35<-735 zRoZe"""R\nez-Tsr;ߗ q!=WdguHe91;S~K"#x7GWoq#z< "#31З 0&{fAL>UxA #Px܊QtkzZcl7Z\65ze_ #xelj6&Lr!dyV `4槡~FE]"EB1/Rze9rj6Y! $xeCZ"hv>,^{.l51Up g40}CFBt^:/b6V;/b6DP4/pfX_) 'x }icF0 O+b`_7 B:61nFu- 'Pxm~ fx^atb zo]ns>􉜮zcifzd02%;b0FAG4 'xY)a'*E]Iydr, )nd} ^ervP#{RnuxQn5aFG{#Ovh;.ZI>=.ʯ2I>=wѨ.v7 !x!3 =˶JhZg"0ocYpQos 7% "?R!3 !M!_Zn.p!9ZoDXnu==|0[oo,\b{3|rh9frwt"3z(Rmq|#GH{G<0 !x,!>.<`xjXg#,Xee:aV/vz>= I!}aRrB7t\bj.N<.>wI?"!<.>qI?"!<.,x7!>. !x2!"zwh.p!9DZo#,Xnu=\=|0\ i)#_lHt$jIswehu57!>. !x!"hSt!>EX<=.jj7 !O!>. =Jhzz"0RcymQosR 7(8 "?e!>. !OM!bZn. !O`>fXf O!>. =Y 2IacJ0 *7 *M!mz_Qe


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